RAXO All-mode PRO

januari 17, 2012
Utility Modules

Smart Search

This module provides search using the Smart Search component. You should only use it if you have indexed your content and either have enabled the Smart Search content plugin or are keeping the index of your site updated manually. Help. {loadmodule finder,Smart…
januari 17, 2012
Plugins Joomla!

Quick Icons

 The Quick Icon plugin group is used to provide notification that updates to Joomla! or installed extensions are available and should be applied. These notifications display on your administrator control panel, which is the page you see when you first log in t…


jan 17, 2012 634
The Captcha plugins are used to prevent spam submissions on your forms such as registratio…

Administrator Components

jan 01, 2011 41405
All components are also used in the administrator area of your website. In addition to the…

Archive Module

jan 01, 2011 680
This module shows a list of the calendar months containing archived articles. After you ha…

Article Categories Module

jan 01, 2011 710
This module displays a list of categories from one parent category. Help {loadmodule artic…